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Neeyamo Positioned as a 'Major Contender' Among Global Payroll Solution Providers in Everest Group's

Neeyamo Inc., a global leader in providing platform-based global payroll and HR solutions for multi-national organizations, has been positioned as a "Major Contender" among global payroll providers by Everest Group in its annual multi-country payroll study.

Neeyamo Payroll

Everest Group recently released its report titled "Multi-Country Payroll (MCP) Solutions PEAK Matrix Assessment and Service Provider Landscape 2019." This report analyzes the changing dynamics of the Multi-Country payroll solutions landscape and assesses service providers across several key dimensions. The PEAK Matrix is a proprietary framework used to assess the market impact and overall vision and capability of MCP solution providers, resulting in providers being placed into three categories, namely Leaders, Major Contenders and Aspirants.

Fifteen leading global payroll service providers participated in this study. Everest Group defines MCP solutions as a contract between a buyer and a service provider in which:

  • At least two countries have been considered as part of the business scope

  • The payroll sub-calculation sub-process is included

  • The underlying payroll technology is provided by the payroll provider

Considering the above parameters, Neeyamo is extremely elated to announce that it has been positioned as a "Major Contender" among payroll solution providers across major geographies by coverage and revenue.

Furthermore, Neeyamo has been listed amongst the top-five providers across North America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions by revenue.

Factors that contributed to Neeyamo's positioning were its engagement and commercial model, market adoption, value delivered, service capability, portfolio mix, and technology capability. Complementing its positioning were customers identifying Neeyamo's dashboards as dynamic and very useful in tracking the payroll status of countries.

Pradeep Subherwal, COO at Neeyamo, said, "Our global payroll practice continues to be one of our fastest-growing business verticals within Neeyamo. Our ability to provide a single integrated global payroll solution suite comprising of not just our global payroll platform – NeeyamoWorks PayTM –but also several other ancillary solutions such as Time, Absence, Service Desk and Compliance has helped us gain significant traction in the market and onboard several marquee customers this past year. With a solution that serves customers across 150+ countries, especially those organizations with a long-tail presence, we will continue to invest significantly in research and innovation to keep pace with the ever-evolving market landscape."

"Neeyamo's geographic and process coverage has helped it become a truly global provider of multi-country payroll services. Its strong delivery footprint enabled by its robust platform capabilities helps it serve clients across a wide range of countries and act as a valuable partner to them," said Anil Vijayan, Practice Director – Everest Group.

About Neeyamo

Neeyamo Inc. is a leading platform-enabled global payroll and HR service provider, focused on servicing multi-national organizations with a long-tail presence, regardless of its inaccessible markets, varied statutory regulations and multi-lingual multi-currency complexities. Neeyamo's global payroll solution focuses on providing "fully managed payroll services" through its payroll platform "NeeyamoWorks PayTM" (formerly PayNCompTM). Neeyamo's global payroll capability presently spans across 150+ countries across all geographic regions.



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