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+5511 3159 0888  

+5511 95284 8245


Our history

Established for over 18 years by Human Resources and Finance executives, DBS has two business units: processing of payroll and other HR subsystems and consulting/auditing of HR processes.


DBS combines a body of highly specialized professionals in managing operational processes and project development, with the most modern tools of information technology.


DBS is a company focused on creating and implementing complete solutions in human resources and financial outsourcing, following the "One Stop Shopping“ concept.


Global partners

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Board of Directors

Benedito Jacob
Caio Canton
Rosana Linard
Marcos Ferreira
Rosana Linard
Marcos Ferreira

Benedito Jacob

Financial & Administrative

Caio Canton

Commercial & Marketing

Rosana Linard

Operations & Quality

Marcos Ferreira

Legal Department

Alexandre Cunha

Finance Department

Laílson Oliveira

Technology and Implementation

diretoria dbs partner

HR Solutions

Payroll - What employers need to know

Administration of Benefits

Time Keeping

HR Portal - "Kiosk"

Position and Wages Management

Performance Management

Training and Development

HR Budget & Forecast

Recruiting and Hiring

Occupational Health and Safety

Financial Solutions

Payment of Employees, Payroll Taxes and Benefits


Rua Pais Leme, 215, 2º andar, São Paulo, SP 05424-150, Brazil   |  Phone: + 5511 3159 0888

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