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Simplified eSocial

Ordinances 76 and 77, of October 22, 2020

Published on Friday, 23, Joint Ordinances RFB / SEPRT 76 and 77, which create a new simplified layout for bookkeeping of labor, social security and tax obligations that will replace the current eSocial. The development of the Simplified eSocial was foreseen in Law 13,874 / 19 and will start operating from next year, giving companies a deadline to adapt to the changes.

The Simplified eSocial brings the following news:

  • Reduction in the number of events

  • Significant reduction in the number of fields in the layout, including the exclusion of registration or constant information in other databases (eg: FAP)

  • Extensive flexibility in the rules of impediment for receiving information (eg: changing the rules for closing the payroll - pending issues generate alerts and not errors)

  • Facilitation in the provision of information for the fulfillment of tax, social security and FGTS deposits

  • Use of CPF as unique worker identification (excluding fields where NIS was required)

  • Simplification in the form of declaration of remunerations and payments

The Simplified eSocial will replace several ancillary obligations that currently exist, and its integration with other systems will increase the pace of substitutions.

Technical documentation

With the launch of the new bookkeeping system, the new layout of the Simplified eSocial version S-1.0 RC (Release Candidate) was made available to software developers. The final version with adjustments and XSD schemes are expected to be published on 10/11.

The mandatory calendar has been updated:

* From 08h00

Source: Ordinances 76 and 77/2020 and


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