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Business Processing Outsourcing

Solution developed for the concept of Complete Outsourcing of the Personnel Administration activities allows the outsourcing of all activities related to the operational processes of the Human Resources area, with allocation of DBS Partner professionals, in the customer's premises, for general service, control of processes and interface generation.



Business Services Provider

The client maintains the operational control of the internal processes and executes them, through its own professionals, informing the DBS Partner of the movements and occurrences for processing of the payroll, reporting, electronic files, collection guide, monthly and annual obligations.



In this solution, the client keeps track of the operational processes and functionalities offered by the applications. Developed in the ASP concept, the solution allows the outsourcing of all infrastructure and system management.

By acquiring this solution the customer will have access to:

  • Uninterrupted access: 365x24x7

  • Security infrastructure

  • Back-up data

  • Back-up site

  • Confidentiality of information

  • Access control


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