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What's eSocial?

eSocial is a Federal Government project that unifies the sending of information by the employer, storing them in the eSocial National Environment, allowing participating organs of the project to use effectively for labor, social security, taxes and Payroll tax purposes.


Entities participating in eSocial

  • SRF - Secretaria da Receita Federal (Treasury Office)

  • MPAS - Ministério da Previdência Social (Social Security Ministry)

  • INSS – Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social (Social Security Institute)

  • MTE – Ministério do Trabalho (Labor Ministry)

  • CEF – Caixa Econômica Federal (Federal Bank)

  • FGTS Steering Committee

  • TST – Tribunal Superior do Trabalho (Superior Labor Court)

  • TRT – Tribunal Regional do Trabalho (Regional Labor Court)

eSocial Goals

Management Goals

  • Create a single data base

  • Enable the guarantee of social security and labor rights to workers

  • Simplify and standardize the compliance with the Accessory Obligations

  • Improve the quality of information available in the public service

  • Include more companies and workers in the formal economy

Financial Goals

  • Greater efficiency in inspections

  • Increase in spontaneous collection

  • Reduction of fraud in the granting of government benefits

  • Reduction of Payroll tax defaults

  • Cross-check

Impact on Organizations & Deadline

eSocial is composed of 44 files and more than 2,500 fields (layout final version 2.3 of July'2017), many of which are not part of the databases of the current systems. By January 2018, all companies should already be operating in this new environment.

HR Solutions

Payroll - What employers need to know

Administration of Benefits

Time Keeping

HR Portal - "Kiosk"

Position and Wages Management

Performance Management

Training and Development

HR Budget & Forecast

Recruiting and Hiring

Occupational Health and Safety

Financial Solutions

Payment of Employees, Payroll Taxes and Benefits


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